Sunday, March 16, 2014


- Conceived in Washington Heights / Bronx Center - - You’re dealing with a man of vision - As a mother raising kings in training, I would be amiss not to have them explore the world of Zion Antoni. This artist/journalist brings such raw experiences enveloped with such practical yet un-amassed-actualization. Actualization, in the sense, that all journeys are connected. If you want to see, feel and hear the “things” in life that are desirable and undesirable? Then invest in a reading session of his literary archives (see Soul Excursion Vol 21 ) then prepare to do the work. And once the cerebral has been fed prepare to have your thoughts casted in the sound of inevitability. Look forward to sharing his gift with family and friends. It’s only wholeness to look out for fam, right? Oh and must not forget the head nod factor…music sure to move you. - It’s about community - VICKISUNMUSIC.COM

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