Thursday, July 26, 2012


                                      “I GUESS I DIDN’T KNOW THE LEDGE”-

                                        RA KIM ALLAH (Hip Hop Artist)

This article is written in the spirit of the generational caveat: “Save the Babies”.  In ultimate acknowledgement of Urban America, Black America, I freelance this article praising the efforts and character of Mr. Yumy Odom and affiliates, educator, champion among the grassroots.  I speak in high regard, as an eyewitness to the function of R.O.P, orchestrating fundamental redemptive values toward youth, toward community. Inner city.  Primarily within the Philadelphia community, I viewed the history and experience of the R.O.P, a blessing to the African Diaspora; a fundamental application to a community in the balances: the African-American experience.   At the wake of R.O.P.’S anniversary, I would like to re iterate social constructive effort, opposed to common, deconstructive factors.  Within our inner cities, our communities,  the choices we make, reflect on our posterities,  that coming generation will be products of that, environment.  Every man/woman of color, that stand under the term African Americans are generally entitled unto their own destiny.  With that being stated, we observe the glory of the American dream; wrapped in a bundle of currency. This American dream can also be interpreted as a burden, or Criminology among the middle, or below the poverty line numbers.   Among the generations in the wilderness of north America, we learn the “ Roleplay”.
Our ghettos produce stick up kids, car thieves, drug enterprise foot soldiers, corner crack peddlers, Heroin runners, drug kingpins, Hitmen, Extortioners, number runners, Pimps….the love of the American dream, brings to risk death, or incarceration.  Deconstructive yes, but a perpetuated reality in urban America. Also Considering elements of the economy, from bench pressing middle class weight to the social effects of welfare, R.O.P  provides a sprout. A sprout to raise a host of Black youth, Black men under the banner of the fundamentalism, an impartation, rites of passage of manhood,  and constructive decisions.  Education manifests itself in academia, street corners of urban America, and the R.O.P.  Praise the R.O.P, because it allows education to manifest under systems, and social structures that has seemed to cripple the African-American male.  Heart to heart. Examine the generations, and examine the efforts of R.O.P. `All praises due.  Happy 26th anniversary Rites of passage. Via grassroots entities like the Frator Heru Institute,  within every generation, it is certain, we can make a difference. 

Consciously Yours


The Urban Cry LLC
Chairman Zion Antoni