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"The Autobiography of Malcolm X is a 1965 book about the life of human rights activist Malcolm X (1925–1965). In 1998, Time named The Autobiography of Malcolm X one of the ten most influential nonfiction books of the 20th century."[1]-


A Brief reflection of one of the most significant autobiographies written: The autobiography of Malcolm X. I first discovered this book in my mid-teens, soft cover copy, in my apartment in the Bronx. Just looking at the cover brought back the elements of everything I learned of this man up to that point, from systematic education to media (Malcolm X movie). At that young age I generally shared the same respect as many culturally, historically and politically for Malcolm, for his contributions to his race, culture, and all people, even to the point of martyrdom. The meaning and potency of the book didn’t impact me till my early twenties. These formative years included working, husselin’ nine to five’s and going to school at night. During these transitions the book resurfaced at about 23, where I was already several years engaged in personal study of African culture, and the African diaspora in America; ie: ghetto, class system, crime, prison, for my own understanding of the sociological conditions. In the progression of the years I only managed to thumb through several chapters; and simultaneously seeing via media etc. the praises of the book. Some bore as testimonials, where one man stated in an essence magazine article that the book inspired him to change his life and be a better father to his children.
At this point I realized the book had life changing effect; not only the weight of international acclaim but it spoke to all people of different colors nationalities and religions. Although Malcolm’s faith was Islam, I seen the principles and transparency of Malcolm’s life spoke universally; to the effect where people, religious, spiritual or indifferent would grab the autobiography before reading the Bible or Q’uran. A definite archive in American history..for any readers choice, as far as a learning experience, i definetly recommend it. Peace.

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